Banking Back-Office Designs That will Change Bankers' Perception of the World

Feb 19 2019

Following the success of our article about banking back-office flaws, UXDA dared our team to create never-before-seen banking back-office financial UX designs that would clear a path to a different approach.

UX Success Story: Superb Communication and Deliverables

Feb 06 2019

Looking for a way to engage your users with the best possible financial design but don't how? What does it feel like to work with the world's leading financial design agency? In a series of articles, we are inviting you to join the journey of our clients.

UXDA One of the Leading Companies at the "Export and Innovation Awards 2018"

Jan 21 2019

UXDA is honored to become the first UX Design Agency recognized by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, the Ministry of Economics, and the President of Latvia as one of the leading companies.

What Will Define Customer Experience in Banking: Five Trends To Motivate Changes

Dec 20 2018

There are hugely successful finance companies that achieve fantastic results with minimal resources. What's their secret? We’ve identified five brilliant trends that lead the transition to digital and make it successful.

What Banking Should Look Like in 2019: A Collection of 10 Most Interesting Financial UI/UX Designs

Dec 12 2018

There's no doubt - UX design is the key to success in the digital age. We have created a collection of our latest and most refreshing designs to prove - banking can be beautiful, easy-to-use and yet maintain the full functionality.

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