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How Banking Can Miss Out on Success in 2018: 5 UX Questions

Dec 14 2017

Finance has always been quite conservative but it hasn’t missed out on technological progress. Due to the development of technologies, banks are becoming separated from their customers. According to research, 40% of American bank customers don’t go to...

TOP10 Misconceptions about Financial UX Design

Oct 12 2017

Annually, thousands of digital financial services are launched around the world. Many of them do not achieve their goals. This is partly due to the design or, specifically, to the design approach of the creators. Many of these products could be...

Ten Years of iPhone Success: What Could Banks Learn From Nokia’s Fall?

Sep 20 2017

This year, Apple celebrates ten years since the iPhone launch. We can all agree that it changed the world in which we live. But, ten years ago, just a few months after the presentation of the iPhone, Forbes appeared with the title on the cover ...

UXDA Is One of TOP15 Leading UX Agencies

Jul 25 2017

In its annual study, Washington D.C. based B2B research firm Clutch analyzed the activities and reviews of 121 UX design agencies worldwide and identified TOP15 leading studios of 2017. According to this published research, UXDA design studio is ...

UXDA Works With Leading Digital Banking Platforms Vendors

Jul 17 2017

UXDA team is happy to see our partners between TOP11 global banking software vendors and is grateful for the opportunity to reinvent financial industry through customer-centered financial design.

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